How is Track Lighting Different from, Rail Lighting and Cable Lighting

If you have heard about track lighting, rail lighting, and cable lighting umpteen times but don’t know how these three are different from each other, here we are solving your confusion for once and forever.

Track lighting and monorail lighting are same. In these lighting systems, you need a strip of metal to be attached to the ceiling for providing power to track lighting fixtures that hang from ceiling.

Cable lightings are not attached to the ceilings, but include running cables from one wall to another. Fixtures in these lights are hanged from the cable. These lights are good in the rooms where nothing can be mounted to the ceiling. Cables can be troublesome because they may sag over time.

Track lighting gives an advantage to homeowners of doing away with installing individual fixtures. Track lighting or rail lighting gives you more options than cable lighting.

Also, once you put cable lights, they are fixed, and if you change or rearrange the layout of your home, you need to remount them, moving all those boxes again. However, if you have a track or rail, fixture can be loosen up easily enabling you move it easily along the rail to anywhere you desire.

Track lighting works perfectly well in rooms where wiring cannot be easily rung through the ceiling or where you don’t have access to the ceiling. These lighting systems are flexible, decorative, easily movable, easy to install, and are available in many styles to suit your taste.

One of the best available brands in track lighting nowadays is Elco. Elco track lighting fixtures are the most preferred lighting fixtures among the users nowadays. You can also find Elco line voltage, fluorescent Elco lights, Elco recessed lighting, Elco track lighting, Elco pendant lighting, Elco Under Cabinet Lighting, and Elco Under Cabinet Lighting on our website

We hope this information was useful for you. With these clear differences, you will be able to buy perfect lighting systems for your home or office spaces.


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