Design Your Monorail Lighting System in 4 Easy Steps

Monorail lighting lets you highlight various areas of your home and office décor beautifully. You can choose from a variety of monorail lighting kits with metallic, stainless steel, chrome and other finishes and monorail lighting fixtures.

One of the best brands available in monorail track lighting systems is Nora rail lighting. These award winning lights are perfect for adding extra charm and elegance to your home decor and interiors.

The best quality about Nora rail lights is that they are easy to design. You can easily mount them close to or suspend them from a ceiling, vertical wall, or structure. These lighting systems are known for their versatility of usage.

You can easily design your own monorail lighting system at home. Find it unbelieving? Here are four easy steps to do so:

1. Prepare a Lay-out

Firstly, determine what you’re trying to illuminate and how much amount of light you need. Then prepare a lay-out of your design. For this, you’ll need a rail, transformer, pendants, heads, and standoffs (for attaching the rail to your room’s ceiling).

The rails usually come in a variety of finishes in four different sizes – 2′, 4′, 6′, and 8′. They are easily bendable by hands, which provide various creative possibilities. If you’re cutting rejoining the rails, make sure you order additional connectors.

Follow these steps to prepare a perfect lay-out:
a. Lay out your Nora rail run with a string or hose on the floor
b. Shape it in the way you desire it to look
c. Mark the end of the rail
d. Measure the length of the rail, keeping the size of the space in mind where you want to install it.
e. Put end caps for perfect finishing.

2. Identify How Far You Want to Drop the System from the Ceiling

You will need standoffs supports for dropping the rail from your room’s ceiling at every three feet of the monorail run and at the corners. You can use standoffs to cover joining points in the rails. For giving your lighting systems a cleaner and elegant look, use adjustable standoffs that have cables which virtually disappear.

3. Select the Fixtures
The final part in designing your monorail lighting is selecting the fixtures that are available in various colours and types such as halogen fixtures, LED fixtures. While halogen fixtures were used in the past, LED fixtures are more popular nowadays. LED is much more energy efficient, and cost-friendly than halogen fixtures and provides various designing possibilities to the users.

With these steps, we hope you will be able to design a perfect monorail lighting system for your home and office.


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