Why You Need Recessed Lighting and Where You Can Use it?

Whether you are building your new home or renovating the old one, recessed lighting can prove to be a key element for both in terms of functionality and styling the space.


Modern recessed lighting is favourite among many as it provides a clean and streamlined look to a home as well as office, and can be used to increase the amount of light and highlight a piece of art or illuminate a special space. These lights can open up spaces and make them look bigger.


When Can You Use Recessed Lighting?


You can install recessed lighting fixtures between ceiling joists of a new building or remodeling project. There are some recessed fixtures which are specifically designed for retrofit applications; you can slip these fixtures into an existing ceiling space. Just make sure that the fixtures you opt are IC housing rated when ceiling insulation is present and a non-IC housing rated when there is not insulation in ceiling.


Where Can Recessed Lighting Fixtures be Placed?


  • If you wish to light a particular object, center recessed lighting fixture at about 12-18 inches in front of the object. The object could be a painting, an artifact, bookshelf, etc.
  • To identify how close recessed lighting fixtures can be installed together, match their size. As per the rule, the 6-inch fixtures should be placed about 6-feet apart and 4-inch fixtures at least 4-feet apart.
  • If you are installing recessed lights for reading or as task lighting, carefully place it overhead so that your head and shoulders don’t block light.
  • Wall-washing recessed lighting fixtures can be used around the perimeter of your small room to make it look larger.
  • For lighting a 3D object like a sculpture, fireplace, flower arrangement, etc. with recessed lighting, light it from 2 or 3 different angles for emphasizing its effect.
  • You can install recessed lighting fixtures at your kitchen cabinet’s bottom so that the light washes the counter top with a focused light.



When Should You Avoid Recessed Lighting?


  • Avoid placing them in rows down your room’s centre or too close together if you don’t want your room to look like an airport runway.
  • Avoid installing recessed lighting on concrete ceilings or on ceilings with delicate moulding details or ornate plasterwork. Instead, choose a chandelier, table lamps or wall sconces for these spaces.


Before buying any recessed lighting component, know your home or office and its construction very well, since every installation is unique. For better results, take the advice of an experienced electrician or lighting expert on what parts (wiring, fixtures, bulbs, transformers, housings, etc.) will be perfect for your space.


There is a huge variety of designer recessed lighting available online at VGK Lighting to suit your budget and need.


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