What is Track Lighting and Why You Need It?

Track lighting has been transformed with the age. Today, you have many track lights options instead of those older bulky versions of tracks and heads. There is a huge variety available in terms of track style, size, bulbs, and color of the track lighting fixtures.

Modern track lighting solutions are easy to install even if you’re remodeling or redecorating a room because the power you require is usually already available in the existing wiring of a ceiling fixture. Track lighting is perfect for emphasizing objects with light or a directional task light.

Here are some useful tips on when to consider installing track lighting and when to avoid it:

Why Do You Need Track Lighting?          


  • These contemporary fixtures are perfect for a new construction as well as renewed spaces of your existing home.
  • Track lights are versatile and allowing flexibility in placement, sizing, and fixture styles.
  • Track lights can be used to aim an artwork, walls, countertops, or other important features of your room.
  • White track fixture heads can be used to blend into a ceiling and black and silver heads can create a statement.
  • If there is an existing electrical box in a room yet it needs additional light, tracks are handy.
  • You can install a track light in an older kitchen or office when you want to replace an outdated light in the ceiling. You can aim a track light on work surfaces, pantries, closets or where you need it.


Where Can You Place Track Lighting Fixtures


  • The track can be customized to fit a kitchen space. You can use a U-shaped configuration to place light just where you need it (onto the countertops or other spaces).
  • You can install a straight track in a hallway ceiling or aim fixtures at the important artwork on the wall.
  • Install a track for highlighting a large collection of artwork on a wall, as you can adjust heads to point at particular areas of the display.
  • If you install a track in a dark closet, you can easily position a number of heads on the spaces you want to illuminate (specifically on clothes or shelves).
  • Make sure that track heads are not interfering with the operations of cabinets, doors, or other movable elements in your room.

When Should You Avoid Track Lighting?


  • Track lighting is not designed for using as general light in your room, it is a specialized lighting.
  • Avoid installing track lights in rooms that have low ceilings, because the heads will hang down from the ceilings and could feel like an obstacle.
  • Consider other lighting options for traditionally or formally decorated spaces because track lighting may look too contemporary.


For flawless installation consider taking the advice of a qualified electrician or salesperson.


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