Your Guide to Buy Perfect Recessed Lighting!

Does your house have low or sloped ceiling, making it difficult for you to install bulky decorative lights to add the harm of your perfect home decor? Worry not! Recessed lights can be the perfect choice in such situations as they’re flush with the ceiling. You can use recessed lighting in the kitchen, bathroom, and living room of your home or office as well.

However, if you’re not much familiar with these lights, here’s your guide to buying perfect recessed lights:

Main Components

Also known as downlights or can lights, recessed lights consist of three main components: housing, trim and the light bulb. The housing is the light fixture which sits inside the ceiling holding the trim and the bulb.

There are many options in trim and light bulb; however, you can choose the housing that fits your needs.

Housing Options

 Here are some housing options:


New construction and remodel housing: You can use new construction housing in new homes or when you want to add a room in your house, before installing the ceiling. For installing a recessed light in an existing ceiling, you can opt for remodel housing.

Insulation contact (IC) rated and Non-IC rated housing: If you don’t want to disturb surrounding insulation, you can opt for IC rated housing, whereas Non-IC rated housing has to be installed with insulation minimum three inches away from it.

Shallow ceiling housing: It is used in ceilings with 2 by 6-inch joists.

Airtight housing: This housing type is perfect for reducing the airflow between the room below and space above the light fixture.

Slope ceiling housing: It allows space for installing the light at an angle in a sloped ceiling. You can check angles before purchasing.

Trim Options:

Here’s the list of some trim options:


Eyeball trim: This trim allows focusing the light in any area or object you want. You can use eyeball trim for wall wash lighting or accent lighting.

Baffle trim: It is the most common recessed lighting trim and has a ribbed interior.

Shower trim: Shower trim, as the name suggests, is best suited for wet areas such as bathrooms or over a shower as it has a glass lens.

Wall wash trim: This trim has a shield covering half the light for evenly focusing light on a specific feature like a fireplace or a painting.

Kit Options

You can buy kits for all types and sizes of recessed lighting. Here are some options:

Line-voltage kits: These are standard light kits.

Low-voltage kits: These kits have an inbuilt transformer and can dim lights using dimmer switch.

LED retrofit kits: These kits let user convert recessed light into LED. They work best with existing housings.

Choosing the Right Size

 Recessed lights are available in 3-6 inch diameter. Buying the recessed light of proper size depends on its function and area of installation. Locate the ceiling joists and measure how much space in between them to know what size recessed light fixture you need.

The 6-inch light projects a broader beam of light and is best for kitchen or living room while smaller recessed lights work best for highlighting a painting or other important object.

Choosing the Right Finish

There is a variety of designer recessed lighting finishes and styles available in the market. You can buy new finishes taking a clue from your home’s existing finishes. Here are some popular modern recessed lighting finishes:


  • White
  • Nickel
  • Bronze
  • Black
  • Bronze

Choosing the Right Light Bulb

While purchasing light bulbs, consider factors like color temperature, wattage, and lumens and choose the option which can improve your room’s light quality. You can go for LED and Halogen bulbs for recessed lighting. LED can help you with reducing your energy cost and is cool to the touch. For living room and bedroom, look for a warm white color temperature. Bright white color temperature goes well for kitchen and workspace. For reading spaces and studies, a daylight color temperature is the best option.

Recessed Lighting Installation

When you’re done with all these vital decisions regarding perfect housing, trim, size and light bulb, installation can be done by electrician.

So, next time you go shopping for your home or office, keep these things in mind to buy best recessed lighting for your home/office.


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