Installing a Monorail or Track Lighting System is Easier Than You Thought!

Monorail lighting or track lighting gives you an opportunity to highlight various areas of your home or workspace décor. Monorail track lighting is one of the highly versatile types of ceiling light fixtures available in the market. These rail shaped lights can be customized for a number of architectural designs, curved hallways, gallery and high ceilings installations.

Here’s your guide to install monorail lights in the perfect way:

Firstly, you will need three major components to build a monorail system –

Track or Rail: Keep in mind the type fixture you wish to use, and make sure it’s compatible with your choice of track or rail. Tracks typically come in 2-ft, 4-ft, 6-ft and 8-ft lengths. You can shorten them by field-cutting a lengthened or connecting several tracks together. Monorail comes in 4-ft and 8-ft lengths, and you can bend them to shorten the length. It requires mounting hardware. You can connect multiple rails together with joiners and accessories available.

Power Feed or Transformer: You will need power for either of the lighting system. Track systems are 120 volts, so, you will need a power feed for connecting the track line to the wiring of your home. Monorail systems are line or low-voltage and need their own transformer (surface-mounted or remote) to accommodate your installation requirements.

Lighting Fixtures: As either of the system is being used to light a space, the actual light fixture is the main component here. You can get a much wider array of light outputs in track lighting with directional fixtures including standard bulbs, LEDs, line and low voltage halogen, and other options. However, it doesn’t have more decorative fixtures.

Monorail systems provide a much wider range of decorative fixtures, such as a diverse variety of mini pendants. You can either use them on their own or combine them with directional heads for creating a complete lighting system with multiple functions.

Now, after choosing the right components, the main question arises – How to install a monorail or track system?

A track lighting system is much easier to install. You can mount or suspend the track. As long as you have planned the system properly, you shouldn’t witness too many problems.

With these tips, we hope you’ll find installing all sorts of modern monorail lighting easier than you have thought previously.


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