Pro Tips to Consider for Buying Best Recessed Lighting

A well decorated home shows your classy personality. If you’ve put so much effort to make your home look charming to your guests, it surely deserves a spotlight, isn’t it?

But how can you create that spotlight?

One of the best ways is to install designer recessed lighting to add on to the charm of the beautiful home décor. You can easily install recessed lighting to brighten up the interior of your home.

If you are not completely aware about what things you should look out for while buying the best recessed lighting, then consider these tips:

Things to Consider for Picking Up the Best Recessed Lighting

The housing and the trim are two main components of recessed lighting. Picking up the right trim isn’t much difficult as it depends on your personal taste and home décor style. However, choosing the right housing is bit complicated because it’s more technical. You can take help of your electrician to pick up the best housing and trim while considering these factors:

Components: IC Rated or Non-IC Rated

The fixture can come in direct contact with the thermal insulation in IC (Insulation Contact) rating components, whereas in case of Non-IC (Non Insulation Contact) rating components, the fixture can’t come in direct contact with the thermal insulation. Make sure you keep Non-IC fixture at least three inches away from any insulation.

Housing Style: New Construction or Remodel

You can either go for new construction housing style or for remodel.

It is advised to opt for new construction style when you want to install recessed lighting in a new space and when you’ve complete access to the ceiling, wall or floor without any hindrance (rock, plaster, etc.). You need better space for new construction housings because they’re bulkier and can be installed either in between joist beams or on hanger bars.

Remodel housings are comparatively less bulky than new construction ones and are more appropriate when you’ve limited or zero access to the space. This housing style is suitable for apartments or homes sans crawl spaces or attics.

Voltage: Line or Low

You also have to determine whether you should go for a line voltage or low voltage. While a line voltage operates with the normal household current of 120 volt, low voltage uses a 12 volt current and is more energy efficient.

You don’t need any special modern-dimmers or transformer when using a line voltage. It is highly recommended for high ceilings or general illumination in a room, because you can use a bulb of up to 150W.

In case of low voltage, you will need a special transformer to reduce the voltage. If you want a light dimming feature, you will also require special modern-dimmers. This voltage works best for creating high contrast or for using the accent lighting.

Trim: Style and Size

Deciding on which style of trim you want and in which size are other important things to consider. The choice of trim style depends on its desired application and effect you want, such as:

Reflector Trim: These trims are perfect for commercial applications, kitchens, and high ceilings because they maximize the amount of light emitting from the bulb.

Baffle Trim: It’s the best choice among all recessed lighting trims for living spaces such as dining rooms, living rooms, bedrooms, etc. because these trims absorb excess light and help to reduce glare.

Adjustable Trim: These trims can be used for general lighting, accent lighting, task lighting, and wall washing. Adjustable trims enable you to float the bulb in the housing so that it can be positioned anywhere you desire.

Other types of trims are lensed trim, wall washed trim, and decorative trim.

Trims come in various sizes (3″-6″ in diameter). You can choose a trim size as per your personal preference. Just keep in mind that the larger sized trims can produce broader light whereas smaller trims produce less amount of light.

So, next time you go for shopping recessed lights and lighting fixtures, keep the factors mentioned above in mind. You can buy them online from VGK Lighting that offers a wide range of best quality recessed lightings options.


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