6 Things You Must Know Before Buying Recessed Lightings

No matter, how well you decorate your home, bad lighting can spoil the fun. If you revamp your living space with classy antiques or imported showpieces but forget to put proper lightning then all your efforts go in vain. Recessed lighting is a good option if you wish to enlighten the soul of your home. However, you have to understand the uses of a particular type of lighting and how to install it correctly before buying it. Here, we are discussing one of the most common forms of commercial and domestic lighting option – Recessed Lighting.

  • Recessed Lighting – The Idea

Typical, a light fixture is fixed into a hollow opening in a ceiling is known as recessed lighting—this is the dictionary-like meaning but the reality is a bit different. Recessed Lighting is available in many different forms. Not all living spaces can accommodate Recessed Lighting. In some parts of the world, Recessed Lighting is referred to as Pot Light, particularly in Canadian English while the more popular form is “Canister Light” in American English. Basically, all types of Recessed Lightings will concentrate light as a broad floodlight or narrow the spotlight in a downward direction.


  • Install Dimmers to Get Smarter Lighting

You can install dimmers throughout the living or commercial area where you want to create the perfect lighting mood. Installing a dimmer on almost every fixture in your home enables you to accustom the intensity of light—the installation is rather easy and the final results will surprise you with their easiness of usage. You can fix dimmers on your entertainment areas, bathroom, under-cabinet lighting and in walk-in closets to see the magical effect of better managed lighting. Dimmers even extend the life of the bulb. If you use LED lights remember that these lights usually requires appropriate (ELV) electronic low-voltage dimmers instead of magnetic low-voltage. You need to check the type of transformer fixed in your recessed light before choosing the dimmer control. Choose dimmers by consulting a lighting expert to ensure you make the maximum energy savings too. The right dimmer setup is essentially a light intensity and light usage optimization system that is affordable and very efficient.

  • Wash Your Wall with Light

A wall washer is basically a fixture that is actually installed 18 to 24 inches from the wall depending on the height of your ceiling. It is utilized in a series to transmit light on a huge area. It creates great radiance when the light is bounced off a vertical surface into a room. This process makes you stare your wall rather than the fixture.

  • Install Spotlights

Add a spotlight to your room to create a unique ambiance. Unlike wall washers, spotlight attracts everyone’s attention with its narrow beams. Hence, introduce a spotlight to acclimatize your eyes instead of wrapping a space with an even grid of lighting. For instance, you can install spotlights in a bathroom over a bathtub or a porcelain sink to make the spotlight sparkle and pop. You can turn a nice piece of wall-hung art into the visual focus of the home with spotlights. If the spot-lit area is combined with the right degree of dimming using smart dimmer switches, a simple room can look like a piece of interior designing brilliance.

  • Select the Right Trim Style

Designer recessed lighting includes many trim options. The correct trim style depends on the application and desired effect you want to create. Baffle Trim, Reflector Trim, Adjustable Trim, Lensed Trim, Wall Washed Trim and Decorative Trim are the various types of trim styles that you can choose according to your need—these are the standard trim types. You can explore more, the unconventional ones too!

  • Test Color Quality of Bulb

You can easily get excellent quality in recessed LED bulbs. However, it is necessary to test the color quality of an LED as not all bulbs are manufactured according to the same quality parameters. Some cheaper LED lights come with little consistency in color quality. Different shades of light from one fixture to the next can easily be pointed out by anyone. Hence, it’s better to use the warm LED (+/- 2700k) for your household purpose.

The aim of recessed lighting is to add visibility to a space, create a different point of visual engagement, hide designing or structural faults, or simply illuminate a part of the room. This invariably been an interplay of different types of light. Recessed Lighting is just one of the many options you can use in combination with table lamps, decorative pendants, candles or sconces to make the room look more balanced. You also need to find a trusted lighting solutions provider. At VGK Lighting, you can get the best of recessed lights along with other commercial lightings such as pendant lighting, fluorescent lightings or track lightings at an unmatched price and industry-wide acknowledgment for delivering quality products and superior customer service.





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