An Ultimate Guide to LED Track Lighting

An attractive and stylish way to lighten up a space, LED track lighting features a single or dual power source, tracks and light fixtures. Buyers can install track lighting systems on the wall or ceiling, as some come with fixtures that are movable. LED track lighting are quite popular among light fixtures for being superior functional and energy efficient.

Lighting requirements and LED Track Lighting

Depending on the type of lighting, the size of the lighting fixture can vary. If within an entire space, LED track lighting is to be the sole source of light, then it should be able to illuminate the whole area. Illuminate a specific part of shelf, wall or art by choosing an adjustable low voltage track lighting. Sometimes you can use line voltage track lighting in certain areas of rooms, which require extra light. Also, it can be used for illuminating a work desk or reading chair.

Types of Track Lights

In the market, basically three types of track lighting are popular (H)Halo, (L)Lightolier and (J)Juno. You can select variety of track heads or pendants to hang on the track. Pendants have a shade over the LED or regular lamps and hang straight from the track. Track heads also make a good accent piece for any home décor, and features a colored or frosted hanging glass sphere with bulb inside. Spotlights are adjustable, allowing the user to adjust lights in various directions.

Types of Tracks

The simplest design in which an LED track lighting has ever come up is the standard track. It is usually L or straight bar shaped, and can be conveniently attached to the ceiling or wall. Installing these lights is quite an easy task.

Monorail lighting comes with two bars, which hang from a fixed mount or ceiling. Available in swirl or curved shape, these are very flexible that you can also reshape them as you wish. Wire track lighting fits into large spaces as these have a conductive wire, which can support many large fixtures. Another one, two-circuit monorail tracks enable users to control light from different switches.

Are you looking for good quality LED track lighting? If yes, then you are at the right place! At VGK Lighting we provide a huge collection of lighting fixtures and track lights in varying finishes, styles and looks to give your office space or home that elegant makeover.


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