How to Choose Best Recessed Lighting to Decor Your Residence or Office

These days, recessed lightings have become the favorite of all décor lovers. Why? Recessed lighting is an option that provides the fastest way to illuminate and update a residence. Also known as can lights or high hats in some parts of the world, recessed lights is what it is read like: recessed. Usually, recessed lighting has two parts – housing and trim. Housing is that part of the lighting, which you cannot see. It sits above the ceiling line. Available in a range of sizes, finishes and shapes, trim is that part, which can be seen. In recessed lighting, there is one more component, which is the light bulb.


This blog makes the task of selecting the best recessed lighting for your residence or office space quite easy.

What can a modern recessed lighting do to your residence décor?

Recessed lights are an elegant and practical way to accent and brighten spaces, which might not have been built with ample lighting.

What can the best recessed lighting do to your living spaces?

  • Highlight architectural features or details
  • Provide good amount of lighting over an entire area of room
  • Showers the walls with light to create a dramatic effect

The newer modern recessed lightings are not only easily planned and installed easily, but are also known to perform to superior standards.

Is designer recessed lighting the best recessed lighting?

While installing, it is ideal that you hire someone like an electrician or contractor, who is very familiar with residential lighting. The designer recessed lights, like that of DEVON-2 Leucos or DROP Leucos add a contemporary look in comparison to the regular recessed lighting. This has therefore pushed the limits of incorporating recessed lights. Even those spaces within the nook and cranny of your house can accommodate a recessed light.

Should you go for recessed LED lighting?

According to experts, overlooking the energy efficiency factor, while buying recessed lights is not a wise move. LED driven recessed lights have increased initial price point, and this is because of the technology involved. But always remember that LED recessed lighting also requires very less energy and low maintenance. Plus, they also have long lifespans.

Best recessed lighting at VGK Lighting

Do you prefer ceiling lights sans the obtrusive light? Then, recessed lighting is the right idea. Browse through our collection of recessed lights – modern, LED and designer. With brands like Jesco, Juno and Leucos, you will find the best recessed lighting at VGK Lighting!


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