A Guide to Energy-Efficient Residential and Commercial Lighting

A light fixture shouldn’t be simply chosen because it looks attractive and good. Instead, factors like efficiency should also be considered. Imagine you have bought a lighting product for residential, but it is not directing light as required, then definitely it will not be the right choice. Good commercial or residential lighting solution should be such that it should allow us to direct light where we want, provide better aesthetics and control glare.

Let us take a look at what are the different options of residential and commercial lighting:

1. Pendant Lighting


These types of lighting fixtures are suspended by a chain, cable or cord, and hung as a single fixture or in series. Available in a variety of shapes, these are perfect for decorative or task lighting.

2. Recessed lighting


Also popular as downlights, recessed lighting fixtures are typically attached within a ceiling cavity. Recessed lighting for commercial lighting solutions can be used in conference rooms for business, and also for rooms in your residentials.

3. Track Lighting


With multiple finishes, styles and colors, track lighting can be either suspended or surface mounted on ceilings or walls.

4. Chandeliers


Chandeliers are usually positioned in the center of the living space, over a coffee table for optimal lighting.

Residential and Commercial Lightings for sale at VGK Lighting

Need a lighting fixture for your residential or office? Our choice of pendant lights, ceiling lights, lamps, chandeliers etc. will add flair to the mundane décor of any room! We guarantee you a lighting fixture match ideal for your residential or office space at VGK Lighting. Be it contemporary, traditional, industrial, vintage or rustic – we have a plethora of lighting styles.


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